Balegatio is committed to providing outstanding results to our clients with our tailored services. Our client-focused approach encompasses understanding your unique needs and requirements to offer customized solutions, ensuring that we meet your expectations and improve your quality of life.

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We specialize in providing premium event services, with a focus on comprehensive planning, meticulous design, and attentive management for gatherings of any size, ranging from cozy gatherings to large-scale events.


Our customized travel itineraries cater to every individual traveler's desires and preferences. We prioritize the provision of the best travel experiences possible, without any compromise, whether you choose to stay at a luxurious hotel, resort, private island, or estate.

Lifestyle services

We are dedicated to providing effective solutions that enable individuals, brands, and businesses to improve their ability to engage, connect, and serve their employees and target audiences effectively.


Balegatio Estates is a premier real estate group with a global reach, specializing in luxury property transactions. Our team of experts offers trusted consultancy services, assisting clients in finding exceptional properties for rental or purchase. We boast an unrivaled level of exposure for those looking to sell or rent their luxury properties. With our deep expertise in the real estate market, we are committed to providing efficiency, value, and unparalleled knowledge on luxury properties, including sales, purchasing, marketing, off-market opportunities, and other real estate investments.”

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Our team of highly trained professionals will transform your ideas, no matter how small or extravagant, into reality, ensuring that all your expectations are met.
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